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Jethro Tull track 'Nicked' by The Eagles

Phil Perry

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This track sounds suspiciously like 'Hotel California' if you listen carefully to the chord progression . . .


I've got no axe to grind on this as I Like BOTH tracks,. . .but Tull recorded this a few years before the Eagles did HC. Maybe they subconciously picked it up when as a fledgling band, they supported Jethro Tull on a U.S. tour. The only thing they really altered was the tempo and the guitar solo. The lyrics by the Eagles were a sort of strange poetry. . ( so I am told by music folk who know more than I. . .)


As JTs Ian Anderson put it,. . "It would be nice if they said 'Thanks' just once. . ."



There is a youtube vid of a live JT concert, where Ian Anderson introduces this track saying . "I'm sorry if this song reminds you of the Eagles. . "



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I like the Eagles, was lucky enough to see them in whole at Brisbane in 2012. If you tune out to the lyrics there is some definite similarities.


Try listening to new music like Ava Max’s song Phsyco, real catchy in a pop way, her newest is the same song with new lyrics. Rhianna’s stuff is the same.


I don’t mind the JT sound in this track, might do a bit of digging and find some more of their stuff and add to the phone playlist.



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