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Hollow plastic spheres. Looking for.

flying dog

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There is no real specs.


Tennis ball size is a good average.


I need the "Goldielocks" size: Not too big, not too small. Sort of thing.


So from golf ball to ....... 10cm diamater. Tennis ball seemed a good size to mention.


But! They need to be hollow, openable - if only once to do the "magic" to them, and not too expensive.



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OK, "Next" question:


What "Shop" would I go to to get an old ball bearing which has failed?


Probably a bearing shop - right?


About 5 cm diameter.




Well as I now hope I have the sphere I Need, this is the video which inspired me:



I'm guessing syrup would work rather than honey.



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Now you've got me thinking about other applications.


I once used a hydrualic brake attached to the gear rack on a big automatic sliding gate I supplied, which opened up a steep gradient. The reason for the brake was that in the event of the motor being dis-engaged while in the open position, about 400 kilos of wrought-iron gate would have raced down the slope to the closed position, taking out anything in it's path, with potential lethal consequenses. The hydraulic brake only allowed it to close slowly and 15yrs on still works like a charm.


Now i've got to make a magic ball to amuse the grandkids, to go along with my other party tricks.spacer.png


Thanks for the idea.



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