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Anzac Day Fare


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Here' my suggestion for all the high-ranking bigwigs to eat on Anzac Day.


The same as the troops ate at Gallipoli !


The meal will consist of tinned bully beef ( minced corned beef thickened with fat and gelatine, stored outside in the hot sun for 6 weeks.)


It will be served on tin plates which have never been washed ( if you ask an officer where there is water to wash anything, he will tell you that a Furfy is arriving tomorrow. A Furfy is actually a small tank of water )


The area must have millions of carrion-flies, such that if you stop shooing them for a couple of seconds, the plate goes black with flies.


Accompanying the bully beef, there is only hard-tack biscuits, which even strong young teeth can break on. You are allowed to soak the biscuits in water.


The biscuits are made from flour, salt and water.


Nothing else, and yes you will get scurvy on this diet, not to mention all the nasty diseases carried by the flies.


The army could easily buy vegetables from Egypt, but they are saving money.


The Turks up the top are eating better, but they suffer just as much from the fly-diseases.


What a patriotic feast, say I, for the Governor etc to commemorate Anzac Day.



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Not like the film from Argentina,They were so proud of their Efficient Production Line. They made a film of the entire process..


The problem with that film was. People don't like to SEE animals slaughtered.


Without any help from anyone, the housewives Stopped buying that "Corned-Beef" .





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