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Dick Smith exposes another Yankee rip-off

old man emu

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Staying in Australia for your next holiday? Don't use on-line booking services if you want to support Australian small business.


Here's what Our Dickie found out:


"They're ripping us off": Dick Smith and motel owners slam online travel agencies - SmartCompany


Dick Smith: Travel booking ‘con’ sucking millions from local businesses


EXCLUSIVE: Dick Smith blasts accom’s “immoral” “unethical” standover men - AccomNews - Australia



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It's a tough issue - like books, the internet is a perfect platform to sell travel - especially as it can be packaged easily and is very commoditised. I use Expedia a lot - mainly for air travel and car hire - I get some very decent rates for both - much cheaper than going direct. So this contention from the hotel owner that they charge more than on the street is a little thin for me - and I check because I first go direct with accommodation as I know the sites need to take commission. If you made it your only marketing avenue, would it be that much different in marketing costs to other traditional methods?


Having said that, who of the current wave of tech stars is not immoral, unethical and standoverish?


In order for the smaller/independent accommodation business to release themselves from the shackles of these agencies, they have to innovate and go niche - My retirement plan (which I am fit and active enough) is an accommodation business in the southern part of the NSW Riverina and focusing efforts on a particular market by adding some bells and whistles that cost little but mean a lot to that segment. Hope no-one beats me to it!



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I've also checked the hotels own website & without exception it is more expensive that the on-line booking site. I have not rung the hotel to try & do a deal so that might work. Mostly though the employee does not have the authority to negotiate unless you happen to get the manager on the phone. Just this last weekend I stayed in a studio unit in Noosa for $102.00 a night. The resort websites best deal was $140.00 a night



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