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Nose Heavy (from Flying site)

Old Koreelah

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... The Left has taken over the media here with very few exceptions. From Facebook to CNN. We are descending into Socialism...

Is Fox News your yardstick? Rupert Murdoch (not Australia's proudest export) has openly said that it's not his job to inform people, but to entertain them. His media, such as Fox News, have a long history of manipulating public opinion to benefit the big end of town.


I get my news from a wide spectrum of sources, including right wing news letters. If a story is critical of Trump is it "fake news"? Should we ignore the stories that don't reinforce our beliefs?


...We have Trump being investigated while common criminals Hillary & Obama run free...

What crimes is Obama guilty of? If he and Clinton are as bad as you say, why have they not been investigated by Congress and your Supreme Court, especially now that both are controlled by Republicans?


People in many countries are patriotic and proud of their country- but are bemused that so many Americans feel it's necessary to demonstrate their patriotism with flags, anthems and the like.


We appreciate the impressive good manners we usually see in Americans, especially from your part of the country. You can usually judge a person by their actions; Obama came across as a statesman.


Even Bush #2, one of your worst leaders, was polite and gentlemanly.


Trump comes across as a bumbling, spoiled brat, with an ego the size of Texas. Is that just an act? Is he really trying to help ordinary Americans? Given his record of failed businesses and exploiting the vulnerable, how can people trust anything he says?


America is faced with many problems, but two clear and present dangers to its existence: climate change and the escalation of conflicts, both with other nations and within its national community. Trump has only increased the risk of both.



So far Trump's agenda has been to undo as many of Obama's achievements as possible, even if it harms America.


Overturning the ban on pesticides that are implicated in the decline of America's honey bees. Allowing drilling for oil in the most fragile environments. Ramming pipelines thru Native American sacred sites. Undoing pollution controls.


Pushing the Iran regime into a corner from which only suffering and destruction can ensue. Praising dictators and alienating traditional allies.


No country has been a better friend of the USA than my country, yet Trump has treated Australia with disdain.


A Trump 'crony' or an empty chair? Why there's no rush for a new US ambassador


A class of parasitic con-men has taken control of America, and has been sucking the life out of it. Voters turned to an outsider who promised to "drain the swamp". Trouble is, he's just a bigger con-man.



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