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‘Catastrophic disaster’: Aircraft hack only matter of time, US agencies warn


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Here is a link to an article that should interest us as aviation observers/possible passengers.‘Catastrophic disaster’: Aircraft hack only matter of time, US agencies warn


Could this point to a (conspiracy) theory to the fate of MH370?

MH 370 . . ?. . . Only if you discount evidence from the Indonesian Authorities,, who had already found that the Captain had made several simulated flights into Diego Garcia on his home computer, and that he was also personally in severe financial difficulties. . .D'you think that they made this up to fit a conspiracy theory ?. . .does the 'American Aircraft' shadowing the airliner from beneath and controlling it remotely make more sense ? I dunno either,. . . but it sound a bit extreme to me that the CIA wanted to 'take out' NINE passengers who were heading to China to pass on secret information, ?. . .One person could do that with a memory stick in his luggage. . .NO,. . .bit too far fetched for me.. . . .



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G'day Phil, we know that the human power of imagination is practically boundless. There were US war games centred on Diego Garcia at the time of MH 370's vanishing. Also that the Malaysian authorities had, alone in the world, issued arrest warrants for leaders of the criminal invasion of Iraq, an unpopular move no doubt among the exceptionals. It has even been commented that MH 370 and MH17 flights were both Boeing-777's, could the one airliner be responsible for both mysteries. I'm only "puttin' it out there". Don't blame me. This forum has been expressly created for the wharehousing of us cranky old b***tards. Notional hug back to your esteemed better 'alf. Don



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When this disaster first came to light, I came up with the theory that N Korea had hijacked it and it would be found there later.


The much publicised meeting of Kim Jong Un and that other idiot is really all about getting the airliner back. trump will claim that he knew all along that N Korea had the plane.


Don't believe me? Read it in the news on the 13th.



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