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'Battlefield' Cessna + Russian plans for 'alternative' Internet

Phil Perry

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Well by all accounts,. . they are going ahead with it anyhow, but parts of it will be totally unavailable to public or commercial users.. . .( 'Kordin' to my IT Geek mates. . .)


There's a lot of digital skulduggery going on using the stuff we have now,. . .I was vsiting 'A Friend' not long back, who has worked for Governemntal and other military organizations in IT for a couple of decades. . . and asked him about the 'Dark' net. He said, 'have a look at this. . .' he then hooked four computers and other bits and bobs together and suddenly,. . we were surfing the Darknet. I had thought that this was just a rumour !


There were all manner of arms dealers and those selling naughty ex- military gubbins, and I don't mean just AK-47s, ( Crates containing 25 rifles @120 Euros / USD, Pounds etc ) Plus crates of damaged AKs, for spares and / or repair there were Jet Aircraft of all sorts, Mil helicopters, Tanker loads of Jet A1 fuel, missile launchers, used tanks, all sorts of mil vehicles and armaments, mostly used, any type of ammunition that you could possibly want . . If they hadn't got it, they could get it. . ..a lot of the sites were all in Arabic and other languages of course, so matey didn't bother translating those, but we looked at their catalogues. . .Jeeze. . .


You want a quarter million rounds of nine millimetre quad, or NATO 7.62 or 5.56 for January delivery at some quiet location in the Black forest of Germany Sir ?. . .no problem, send the site co ordinates and our Swiss bank account details will be forthcoming along with your proforma invoice. . .


There is a whole 'Subnet' out there, full of rather dodgy people . . . No wonder good Ole' Vlad wants his own toy. Interweb. . . . .



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