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Abandoned dog dies of a broken heart


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Even as a grown man I had to hold back tears reading this...I keep thinking of what the dog was going through every minute, waiting, hoping...




A devastated dog has reportedly died of a broken heart after she was abandoned by her owner at an airport.


The dog, who was called Nube Viajera — or “Wandering Cloud” — by the vets who treated her, spent a month wandering around the terminal at Colombia’s Palonegro airport waiting for her owner to come back.


Initially hopeful, as well as healthy, the two-year-old dog spent her time sniffing people she passed in the terminal.


But she eventually gave up any hope of finding her owner and heartbroken, cowered in a corner of the airport, the UK’s Mirror reported.


Passengers and airport workers tried to offer the dog food but she refused to eat.


Eventually, someone called an animal shelter but by then Nube Viajera was so malnourished she could barely stand.


Despite being given food and medicine by vets, her physical and mental health deteriorated even further and she died, about a month after she was abandoned.


Colombia’s Noticias RCN was told that the dog did not appear to be a stray.


“The hypothesis we have is that a traveler abandoned it,” Alejandro Sotomonte Nino, a vet from the Colombian Animal Protection Foundation, said.


“Apparently, during the first month that the dog was at the airport, it was going through the halls looking for someone, possibly the owner.”


“That state of waiting deteriorated its health, to the point that she no longer received food.”



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