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Pat Condell - on Europe, Muslims and the UK.

Phil Perry

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I can't agree with him that we look forward to rapes and gunfire on the streets when the muslims take over. There will be no bad crimes because all the criminals will have their hands chopped off or be publicly beheaded. Rape will not happen, because for it to be rape the woman has to complain and she will not be allowed to.


This is all so true and he is correct about the politicians and political correctness.



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A video response to female racist, broadcasted by our wonderful BBC. . . . from a Scottish Git called 'Count Duncular.' who was recently prosecuted and convicted of 'Hate Speech' in the UK.. . . I personally LIKE this bloke,. . .and agree entirely with his sentiments. . .but that's just me. . . .and you KNOW me. . . This post is NTDWI. .( Nothing to do with Islam )


There is some language used on this clip which may offend some people.




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