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More LONDON terrorist stuff. . .

Phil Perry

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Looks a lot like a "school-kids" guyfawks banger!.spacesailor

Media reports say that it contained 2.5 Kgs of a readily available fertilizer compound, regularly used in IEDs in the Middle East, called triacetone triperoxide (TATP) or tri-cyclic acetone peroxide (TCAP)



It had some 'Fairy light' elements redesigned to be the detonator, but it failed to detonate explosively. It DID emit some flames, which caused injuries to those standing packed like sardines on the morning commuter train. Many of the reported injuries were caused by people being trampled in the rush to escape from the underground station platform. One other similar device was discovered and defused.


There is a description of this chemical compound on Wikipedia here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wi.. Scroll down to 'Bomb Making'


Had this quantity of TATP ( if that is indeed what it actually was ) would have caused a very large explosion, larger than the 'Backpack' bomb used in the 7/7 underground bombing in London.


It was contained within a plastic bucket labelled 'Ghee' a substance used in the manufacture of restaurant Curry. This was then placed inside a supermarket shopping bag.


It's construction is fully detailed within an online instruction sheet posted by alleged Islamic State representatives onto the internet 'Recently' It had a timer also, police believe that it was probably meant to detonate at Westminster tube station which has 4 platforms, for major casualty effect. One woman suffered serious burns, but you can see from the photograph that there is no evidence of soot nor burning on the walls or bulkhead of the railway carriage ?. . curious that.


A man was seen carrying it onto the train a few stops before it partially detonated, he was seen on CCTV getting off the train minus the package a couple of stops before Parsons Green.


An arrest ws made at Dover this morning. An 18 year old 'Man'


No other info since then, but loads of speculation and London is crawling with armed police and armed troops. It's OK though, as the Mayor of London has said 'They will not change us'


'Just go about your business as normal, BUT BE VERY VIGILANT ! !'


Hmmm. . .All of the police and Politician statements on camera have showed that they are 'Crapping' themselves . . . There is NO DEFENCE whatsoever against this kind of attack. And they know it. They have no answers.



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THE TUBE BOMBING . . . Amber Rudd ( British Home Secretary ) Lies on National TV today. ( President Trump was right - they had the Bastard in custody and let him go ! the Govt. are really pi$$ed off that Trump reminded them publicly about this in one of his bloody annoying 'Tweets' as he has pretty well open access to most, if not ALL UK Intel )


So Rudd Publicly denied earlier today that the the bomber was known to Police when in fact she Knew full well he was arrested and then released two weeks earlier at the same location of the actual attack. This, of course was not mentioned by the government at the time, they kept us, the SHEEPLE in the dark in this regard.


It also transpires that he was a 'Child' refugee and allowed into the country when the incompetent pieces of sh!t collectively known as the Government and charged with protecting the citizens of the UK which allowed 120 muslim 'children' ( Some with beards ) from ISIS occupied areas of the Middle East in under the Dubs amendment which was at the time headed up by the SAME woman. . .a bastion of competence is Our Amber.


My God. . . . how bloody incompetent do you have to be to get fired in this country for dereliction of duty in public office ? ? ?


The whole stinking lot of them should be hung from Tower Bridge and left to fester with only the crows pecking at their fetid eyeballs for company.


I have no answer for this conundrum. We have imported a fifth column, some of them undoubtedly returned fighters from active war zones, where they have been fighting against Western imperialsim. . . who have melted into their ghettoes and since there is virtually NO effective Border control in the UK ( Thanks to the EU, and our subservience to their maniacal open borders policy ) that we have no idea how many there are here, wishing us harm in violent ways.


The laughingly named 'Securtiy' services, have said that there are between 23,000 and 35,000 Jihadis resident now in the UK, with more filtering through the porous, mostly unguarded UK borders every day.. I'm wondering if it is really all over for the UK as a sensible / safe place to live. This Government do not have the first clue about what to do about it.



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