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Phil Perry

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Day by day, the more I see and read,. . .the more I solemnly believe that the world is going completely batshyte crazy.


This is an advertisement ffom a National Health Serve trust, for foreign nurses, now bear in mind, a basic nursing qualification in the UK requies an indiginous person to have a Degree. 'On the Job' training was phased out a decade ago, so those young British Ladies and Men who are not so academically savvy, cannot ever be a nurse. This does NOT apply to nurses trained in other countries however.




Q. How will these nurses with no english be able to do any meaningful work, be allocated tasks, be trained and or correctly and safely treat a patient, or be able to converse with the patient, or even their managers,. . . if they have not got a very good command of Written / spoken english ?


My Ghast is utterly flabbered. . . .legalized insanity.



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I find that apart from confusion with vocabulary, people whose first language is not English seem to have a different mental application to problem solving. Having been trained to carry out a task in a certain way, they will not use discretion to get a result by doing the task differently. You try getting an Indian working in a government department to take half a step from their training. It the t's are not crossed and i's dotted according to Hoyle you're sent back to the end of the queue until things are correct.


I think it has something to do with the structure of languages, too. English is odd, compared to other languages in that our usual structure is Subject - Verb - Object. Other languages go Subject - Object - Verb. It's a small difference, but I reckon it affects the way people approach problem solving.





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to me who ever wrote that ad vert has problems


the assumption the none English speaking nurse can read English


the assumption that the patients will under stand what they are saying


yeh OME but yah gotta feel poorly for phill them English speeking poms are slowly being out numbered neil



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