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Phil Perry

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I love Katie Hopkins.


That is all ( don't tell the missis. . .)


Unless you actually read that DM article, or listen to LBC radio on the web, then YOu will not know what I am on about. . ( no change there then. .. )


If you want to listen to my Girlfriend Katie. . . she has a two hour radio call in show on LBC Radio at 10:00 BST ( GMT + 1 )


If you don't like adverts, this station will drive you bonkers, they are on for seven minutes, every quarter hour, with short news bulletins on the hour / half hour.


Yo will notice that it is very 'London - Centric' as it has recently changed it's name from 'LONDON'S BIGGEST CONVERSATION'. . to 'LEADING BRITAIN'S CONVERSATION'


This is why the bloody traffic reports are mainly to do with some cyclist getting knocked off his bike by a bus in Regent Street, or Hackney. . . .


It has a wide spread of presenters, extreme \left, extreme right, and centrist. . .every morning, theres a bloke named Nick Ferrari, who rips the crap out of pollies of all colours. I don't always agree with him, but you can't fault his incisive wit and knowledge. . he's on every morning in the UK for three hoirs from 0700 to 1000 BST . . .


Nigel Farage, has his own show on weekday evenings from 1900 - 2000 BST, hosted from Belgium or London, or New york, depending upon what he's doing. . .usually very good too.


I've no doubt that you have some equivalent stations in Aus also.. . . this info is for the expats, and any other interested parties. . .




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Incidentally,. . .I should have mentioned that Katie is ONLY on Sunday Mornings at 1000 BST Not in the week.


If you get to listen to it, and hear 'Bruce - from Haringey, London' . .. that's yours truly. I lke a regular rant, ( although most of you would not know that, what with me being so shy and retiring like. . . )


At 'Four' in the mornings, a Gay bloke called Steve Allen is on,. . .he takes and reads out emails, fizzogbook messages and Twatters. .. but NO phone calls. . . He is bloody hilarious. . .he rips the crap out of Pollies, Celebs especially and is a real Hoot. . . .He is currently my favourite Gay person. . . ( apart from the family ones coming on Sunday to build me a new back fence. . .)



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who would thought that spacer.png neil

It has been pointed out elsewhere by people whom I respect as friends, that a warning of nasty graphic stuff really should be present where neccessary.


And quite rightly too in my view. Not everyone particulary wants to look at pictures of dead people,. . .Whether they are Faked. or not.



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