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More Storm damage . . .( UK )

Phil Perry

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Stop sexting you dirty old man!

Reformatted my Lappie with a fresh load of WIndows 7. . . .Then found that Microsoft have deleted 'Windows Picture Manager' from Office 2013. Damned nuisance as I used this daily for my work. Treid to download it from Sharepoint but install failed 3 times. Have to find another convenient Pic editor routine to reduce the file sizes. My camera pics are usually between 6 - 7 Megs. . Far too large for RF uploads. ( and a totally unneccessary waste of Ian's site storage capacity when 40 / 50 Kb is usually sufficient. . . .


Bloody computerz. . .Grrrrrrrrr.



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Oh well, tried to fix my 'Windows Picture Manager' prog by uploading it from Sharepoint, the company who own the copyright and suppied it oon licence to Microsoft.


MS seemed to think that it was an outdated nasty cheap waste of timne so excluded it from MS Office 2013. I've tried the free 'Upload'a few times but it won't work.


Never mind, I've got it on 2 older machines running XP.


Here's a couple I reduced earlier, 2 of the polytunnel hangars hereinbefore mentioned. . . . notice the ones both sides were reskinned with ally cladding. One of them has got metal doors at the far end, but only a mesh screen at the other, the left one has mesh at both ends, so that wind can blow through at a reduced velocity. . . ( daft idea IMO ) Lucky that the toys were tied down inside the hangars. . .




The wind gusts were strong enough to rip some really heavy outdoor cafe furniture out of the concrete by shearing off the dynabolts ( 8mm types ) and scattering the stuff around. These chair /table combos are really heavy - 2 blokes to lift. . .we bought 'em from McDonalds after a refit. . They were blown 15 metres into the end of the cafe portakabin. . . Breezy or what ?






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Phil, use Windows Paint.







Thanks Peter YES, I can use that, it's just that I'm an old stick in the mud and WinPicMan is so darned quick and easy. .. anyway, I reloaded it from the Sharepoint site so have it up and running now.


Suggestion most appreciated nontheless Sir !



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Phil,This one is even easier: www.bricelam.net/ImageResizer/


Just install it, then when you want to resize a picture you just right click and a Window dialog box will open. You will have used that dialog box before. Select Resize and a menu box will open. I resize my pictures to Medium for posting here.



Thank you Sir. . . I've got WinPicMan sorted now, but I'll download that and have a look. . . . .Y'cn never have TOO many tools in yer kit. . . .



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