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Phil Perry

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Today is a reminder that there are different kinds of warriors. Some protest, whinge, whine, stamp their feet and cause a nuisance because they cannot get what they think they deserve. Other warriors give what they have, sometimes all of it; they fight, they suffer, they die. . . so that the people they love can hold on to something of what is rightfully theirs. . .



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Never forget. I was lucky, as a regular soldier I did not get to war, I was just too young for Korea and was a civvie when Vietnam started. I feel so sad for those who fought in Vietnam and were then ignored when they came home. Condemned by the Government who sent them to fight an immoral war. Now look at how the politicians like to be seen with the troops. Good for their image. It is a pity we can't send the politicians to fight and keep the troops at home.



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