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Assange's final blow before the US election ...


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  • 2 weeks later...

I hear today that the powers that be are now doing what I thought would be the best way to sort out Julians problems about 4 years ago. Interview him in the embassy. In those days the PM Julia just about convicted him and said the Yanks should have him to put in goal or probably better in her opinion in Guantanamo. Since then we have had several Foreign Ministers who coildn't come up with a solution. Hopefully you will never need help from Australia when you are overseas, because if you do it won't be coming.



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And we want to collectively believe governments are honest helpful kind hearted folks?

I don't think many would hope for that, but it does not change the likelihood that some very bad stuff has happened that we don't know or don't want know about.which is why Assange is where he is.



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