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flying/non flying


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A unintended consequence of surgery in March left me with a paralyzed vocal cord and unable to use the aircraft radio.


Consequently the Skyranger has had very few outings.


We are now heading off as passengers on an extended trip, Auckland, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Zurich, Copenhagen,


Malmo, Gothenbourg, Tokyo and Melbourne.


RPT passengering is not "flying" flying but it does get you around.


The hope is that by the time we return I will have regained enough voice level to keep the mic open.


cheers Davidh



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Have a nice trip and try not to talk too much. I have given up all attempts to talk whilst travelling overseas. I find that it doesn't matter what I say, she still buys it anyway! So now I just nod and stare into my beer.

O/T as usual, but 'Stare at my beer' . . . made me giggle a bit Pete. . .


I was forcibly dragged, ( kicking and screaming obvs. ) by my two younger male siblings, to a 'Real Ale' festival a coupla months back.


OK, some of the stuff was OK, you get to sample beer for free, in half pint vessels, about 2/3rds filled. However, some of the 'Dark' beers were a bit odd, and impossible to Stare through ! Some appeared to have bits of twigs floating in it too. . .


My fave was the Marston's ( famous for Old Peculier and Owd Roger ) called 'Roger and Out'. abv 8.3%. . . anaesthetic or what. Was definitely 'Flying' after two pints of that. . .


Anyway, back to topic, and once again, I hope you get your voice back to a reasonable level David . . . !



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