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Phil Perry

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The U.S. have test fired a Minuteman III bunker-launched missile, with the statement. . .


"We are prepared to use Nuclear Weapons". . . .


Oh dear,. . . .I wonder against who exactly ? ? ? I hope they don't mean Vlad the impaler,. . .that would be very silly, and extremely BAD. . . . .FOR EVERYONE. . . up here in the North. . . .


You lot will probably be OK, down there in Sunshine Land. . . .



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Well figure that Obamas biggest enemies are Americans that didn't vote for him.

Well, they Can't can they ?. . . . .end of second term approaches.


He's off to the World Muslim Golf Association, to give amusing after dinner speeches. . . . . .


For half a million bux a go. . . . . .



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I hear Nth Korea have imposed sanctions against them for firing them.


In other news 1 hour ago, China just announced the lowest increase in Military spending in 7 years.


Oh and all taxes across the board will be lowered, 10 million people in rural poverty given a leg up and extra 6% spending into the general economy and manufacturing.


Imagine that, some countries actually consider that their people are more important than military spending, crazy ain't it.



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It was a palody Marty.

I'll see your palody. .. .and waise you a humoulous stowy about a Chinese waiter. . . .


Bin reading about that on T'internet mate. . . obviously our Chancellor, Georgie Boy Osborne doesn't . . . . we're now paying nearly 80% tax on road fuels, and for them poor smokers, . . . fags up to around a tenner a pack. Beer left alone in the budget, but Wines up a few percent. . . . . New tax on "Sugary Drinks" omitting Orange juice, cordials and other sugary examples. . . .following a massive backlash though, they've done a U turn on decreasing pensions and cutting payments to disabled people. . . . .Ministry of Defence are happy that the RAF has had no further cuts, so thank the lord that our entire fighter force for immediate defence of the home country, ( both aircraft ) have not been affected. . . . .out of the eight Tornados sent to bomb some poor disparate people in Syria as part of some weird coalition, are still waiting for spares so that at least four of them can fly. . . . . .( Fortunately, Vlad hasn't told us who to bomb yet and Barmy Barry Obama is too busy playing golf to tell us anything. . . . . . Rule Brittainia Hey !



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