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For all the photo people out there this one is for you.


How do you store and backup your photos?


I am not a photo person and I think I have about 50 photos on my computer.


I plan to take more and more photos, just holiday and work photos so none of this editing stuff just every day use photos.


I am thinking of getting a 64gb card for my panasonic lumix (compact camera) and just keeping them stored on the camera and leaving a copy on the computer, that way if the card dies there on the computer and vice versa.


For the amount of photos I will be taking I have no real need for an external hard drive plus I really don't want to carry one around.


I will have two copies of the photos so the chance of both dying is slim.



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Hi Robbo,

As you know, I have a couple of thousand photos, many taken for sharing. I have most of them uploaded to flickr.com, where I have half a dozen followers worldwide, this site media, a couple of other aviation websites, and I have two external hard drives, so I can move them quickly from desktop to laptop etc. I also have quite a few on Dropbox, a cloud-like site which can be shared. When I go somewhere like Avalon Air Show, I download everything on my SD card to a folder on the hard drive so I have all my originals, then clear the SD card so I know I have plenty of space. All photos intended for uploading need some editing, even if only resizing, so I have camera originals and edited photos on the hard drives.

Cheers Red


Yep and you shoot some bloody good photos to mate spacer.png


I dunno how some of you photo "freaks" can manage so many photo's.


I basically have about 10 documents and 50 photos, I just hate a clogged up drive.


I guess it is paranoia after losing about 1,000 photos :(



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You have a GIRLFRIEND . . .?

Ah well,. . . . no accountin' for taste then. . . .spacer.png

Oh you just wait Phil, if you were in aus i would get her to throw you in the back of the paddy wagon and then the slammer and throw away the key spacer.png



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Oh you just wait Phil, if you were in aus i would get her to throw you in the back of the paddy wagon and then the slammer and throw away the key spacer.png

Oh NO,. . .that's four friends, all married to Cops,. . .and one Muzlim mate, whose Daughter is a Heli-Cop trained as a shooter. . . we must start a new thread "Who is married to the Fuzz" or summat like that dyer think mate ?


Anyway, just to stay on topic, I have a 2TB drive at home, and one at the offiice, and I always download all my snapz when the card is around 1/4 full. . .to edit / look at / get rid off at leisure. Worx for me.



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I have to agree with Robbo, not only are DVDs now getting 'old' I find it doesn't take much to scratch them to the point of them being unreadable.


I personally have an external HD and also store on micro SDs. I think the micro SDs will be around for a while as there is a fair camera market that use them. The worst thing about them is they are so small and care has to be taken not to lose the blinkin things. It's not a big deal to make a second copy in case of a lost or irretrievable card and you don't inadvertently scratch them when handling them.



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Hi, Don't be fooled on the SD media cards as they don't like the heat when in your car, and they do malfunction for no apparent reason.


I've got a half dozen dead ones,


I also have a 32G "cruser slice that just stopped one day.


The Old DVD should last another decade, as the new BlueRayDisk is far to expensive at the moment, double density disk even dearer.


The Old hard-drive back-up are vibration & bump prone , better off with a Solid State disk, but keep them cool.





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Failure is not the only risk to consider.

Agree... I got a new external hard drive today and it syncs with dropbox so for $140 a year I can have a 1TB drop box account.


So will have a drop box app on the laptop that syncs with the account when im on wifi, then when I plug in my external hard drive it will shadow a second copy onto the external.


So in a way its backed up in 3 locations automatically.



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