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The worlds oldest, still-employed LAME - he's been on the job for 80 YEARS!


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The Americans have trotted out their oldest favourite, still-employed LAME - he's NINETY SIX, and still works at American Airlines every day!




However, I'd have to opine he's probably still at work because no-one has the heart to fire him. I can't imagine he'd be left to do any critically-important jobs, or jobs that require body agility.

Apparently there are company restrictions on what he can do - he's not allowed to drive on airport runways, and no-doubt there are more job restrictions on him, than what we're told.


Regardless of what you might think, the old fella looks pretty good for his age, and kudos to him for keeping fit and interested. However, I certainly can't see myself still going to work at 86, let alone 96!

I reckon I'll be very content after about 85 to let the young fellas do it all, while I pick and choose what I want to do, or not do, and take a nap anytime I feel like it!


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In the link below is a 5-year-old article about this gent, when he had 75 years up on the job. It confirms what I thought, above - he's not allowed to climb ladders, not allowed on the tools, and his whole job is just doing paperwork.


It appears he didn't like the job restrictions placed on him initially, but he's come to see the sense in them.



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