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Anonomous survey....LOL


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I was given a reminder today to fill out my anonomous employee survey. It seems management know if it has been completed or not.


I always find it oxymoronish (Dazza?) that we are given a unique password/login for it...


As I'm in the process of being made redundant, I can't say my opinions were very favourable......


Probably would have been best for all concerned to let it slide.........Oh well!!





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If it is anything like the ones that I have used, each emailed link has a unique number (usually called a token?) that can be used to track whether the participant has completed the survey. Then the software automatically sends reminders to the anonymous participants before the deadline. True anonymity is a bit of a farce, at the very least your IP address is available to the software, and I presume a good IT guru could crack the database to find the list of which tokens have been claimed etc.


If being made redundant, you especially have nothing to lose in telling them how you really feel!



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It could be the test to see which ones they really should get rid of!

It's taken me 18 months of extremely hard work to get it.....had to totally re-invent my persona......to p**s-off management to the extent needed was a massive feat. So proud...(said a little bit tongue-in-cheek) Everyone here will be "down the road" at some point in the future. They have been bleeding off people slowly for a few years to avoid publicity....


its a bit of a joke really, a 6 digit number is a weak authenticator does the url have a hash check on the end?




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