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This a true story, and a classic


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My stepdaughters boyfriend has a friend who's a pretty tough little Glaswegian bloke - and he happens to be an artist (and quite a good one at that). Of course, being a Glaswegian, he's a pretty heavy boozer, too.


So, he's having a night out with the boys, and they end up out in the carpark of the local (Perth, W.A.) pub. The Glaswegian is pretty unsteady on his feet, and he manages to fall arse-up over a kerb that he didn't know was there.

He actually fell straight over backwards, and landed on his head! His mates are pretty concerned, and one says he should pay a visit to a medic, to ensure there's no cranial damage.


The little Glaswegian replies, in his best broad accent, "I'm from fookin' Glasgoo!! Do ye think I've no been hit in the fookin' haid before?? Away wi' ye!!"


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