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Recently had a great experience with a service /parts supplier "Bailey Diesel Group" . I am not one to promote business (other than my own) but when I am the beneficiary of exemplary service ,I feel it is my duty to inform others of this rare phenomenon.


I have only just "found" this family (now in second generation) business and was surprised to hear that they they supply parts and service all over Australasia and the W Pacific. The parts they sent me were very competitively priced and on enquiry I had estimates for injector /pump work that was equally well priced.


I had a look over their workshops and found them to be second to non. The latest technology calibration machines, all sorts of high tech cleaning rebuilding equipment, etc etc all very neat, tidy and clean - very impressive.


Their main work would seem to be heavy diesels eg locomotives, ships and generators but are equally happy to supply a set of "blue printed" injectors for your Ford Ranger/Mazda BT 50


Check out the Bailey Diesel Group next time you want something for your car, tractor, truck, boat engine

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