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Hi all,


After 3 years of drought we have received just about three years of rain (460mm & rising) over 5 days.


I live in an area with quite a few steep climbs/descents (roads) and some quite interesting bends.


As I say it's been 3 years since any decent rain, so I guess if I am feeling at all charitable (not) I might try & excuse the behavior of fellow motorists somehow being presented with a novel (ha!) situation, who seem to believe that when water is "sheeting" down a slope like a river, there is no need slow down (from the posted 100 kph) or take any sort of precautionary action (may be stay in the left lane) - at last count we have had about four vehicle accidents, in the our  immediate area, over 4 days and we are lucky that there have not been very many more - all due to loss of control on grades with a lot of water running down them.


I wouldn't mind so much if they were just endangering themselves but what of the "collateral damage"??


The rain has just started to fall again.



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