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Next year my wife and I are thinking of a final trip to see rellies in Wales and England and also considering a bushwalking trip in France. Provence this time with a tour group that arranges accommodation and carries luggage between hotels. I am getting too old to backpack with everything I need.


Has anyone tried this sort of thing, also does anyone know about flying in France around Avignon area?



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G'day Yenn,


When we were staying in Uzès 5 years ago I had a flight in a Sav with Christian Soulat at an airstrip just north of the town (about 8km).  The name of his company is "Les Ailes Cevenoles".


The flight was a bit over an hour and took in Avignon, Pont du Gard, and other local scenery.


If you're in the area (between Nimes, Avignon and Ales) it's worth a look!








Oh, my French wasn't too hot and Christian's English was about the same, but apparently he used to drive Mirages.  So you're in good hands.



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