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  1. Mr A Bot very publicly expressed the need for "Industry" to remember what the Gov't had done for them and "look after" those who had helped them. when they leave Parliament. Sounds fair enough except what is the imputation in reverse? IF you don't do your part of the deal all aid will be withdrawn?. The LNP use EY a lot for advice/research which previously would be done by the Public Service. Christopher Pyne now has a job at EY. Pyne may be the best man for the Job (Unlikely in my view) But HOW does it LOOK. A Bot got Sophie Mirabella a job (something to do with submarines) Work that one out.. Everything to do with Submarines has gone swimmingly of course. Nev

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  2. I don't see where you are going with Menzies. He was kicked out after the WW2 commenced.  It was the UAP then.  Renamed "Liberal" later but they are conservatives like UK TORIES, not Liberals and getting morso. like US republicans. The UK Tories are not climate denialists.

     The LNP have run with it by deliberate choice and are stuck there. not knowing what to do.

        Australian LABOR is really Social Democratic with a Union connection ancestry..  The LNP is Trump Imitating Popularist quasi Religious climate denial manipulators with a woman and TRUTH problem. What is the NP?  An opportunist GRAFT on the backside of the Libs there to make the numbers and apply blackmail whenever the chance arises.. Nev 

  3. That's particularly  the case when there's a RIP.. You can expend all your energy trying to overcome it or go with it and come back to shore at a better place.  From about age 6,  I virtually lived on a surf beach. COOKS HILL at Newcastle..  I saved one of my own kids who got caught in a rip at Port Stephens at a Surf beach. He was headed for New Zealand at a great rate of knots. Nev

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  4. Plenty of Australians are not water safe now, either.. Even experienced rock fishermen get caught by the BIG freak wave that comes from nowhere., rolls over them and they go into the boiling sea near rocks where you cannot  get back out of the water and will get severely injured if you try.   You have to get to  a sheltered piece of sand which may be  half a Km away or more.  Nev

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  5.  Blame the other side for any problem. IF that doesn't work, make out they are snips and snails and puppy dogs tails. ALL very childish. AS IF you'd ask anyone in the LieNP if Albo is a good bloke? Repeating the BIG LIES is propagandizing.  Why do they continue to do it ? It worked last time. Nev

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  6. When you keep thinking YOU are the best in the world and GOD speaks through MY lips you don't need any other opinion. IF America did some serious introspection It would realise it's in decay and failing as a cohesive society. OUR current gov't could do with a bit of reality also and are losing trust fast.. Over announcing and underperforming on the essentials that make a country good for all the people and not  bully the already stressed for election purposes. In the old days "getting blood out of a stone" was the expression..  As they say "There's nothing NEW under the sun" .  Nev

  7. It's hard to tell. ALL cheese is OFF to a certain extent. I'm a bit of a fan of blue vein. camembert and  the one you sprinkle on Bolenaise. As a kid you wouldn't get me to eat any of that stuff under threat of violent death. Australia and Tassie and King island make some good cheeses and our good wines are the equal of any in the world. (more fool the Chinese for knocking them back) .Nev

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  8. Wrong Button, Dutton would agree with that idea.  Not sure I agree with your forecast BUT some of them will be having a few restless nights. IF they get defeated there will be a lot of hot running shredders..Nev

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  9. In  the main parts of Holland everyone speaks English and when I commented they said IT was their second language. Just as well for me as I would hardly know one word of the dutch language.

      The French have their own style of humour.  Like when one day I asked how you find a place to park your car. The reply was M'sieur you don't FIND a place to park, you MAKE one.  Getting so you can freely converse is more than knowing schoolboy French. You could get an "A" here and only raucus laughter over there, ,if you tried it.

       There was a booklet that is quite helpful called The BERLITZ  book of anglaise -francaise common phrases (with Phonetic pronunciation). Very helpful and so good with the phonetics you can be taken as more  fluent than you are. Listen to French broadcasts and news reads. IF your hearings off you will have more difficulty with the  clarity. They say I have a strong southern accent in Paris. Paris is a bit more "distant" than smaller cities and always was apparently.. You are a paysant if you come from somewhere else. Pays means Country. Nev

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