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  1. Kaz...you spoke a lot of wise words there but I must say Im not in agreeance with your statement of the high number of Aboriginal folk in Gaol. I work in Corrections and every inmate that walks in the front gate gets asked "do you identify as Aboriginal?". They are not as silly as they look and they know they get a hell of a lot more given to them in Gaol if they identify as Aboriginal so the stats are not a true reflection I can assure you. They dont have to prove it and they know it. OME...I will let you in to a little secret. Over the past few years I was diagnosed with severe Osteopor
  2. Have you got a car and box trailer? Five years ago with $1000 I decided I wanted to work for myself so leased a mower, whipper snipper and blower and door knocked and now have a good business with my own terms and earning more than I was as an Undertaker or Correctional Officer. Im over people thinking its the Govt responsibility to find them a job. Not aimed at you OME but a general observation. Recently I advertised for someone to contract to me as I have too much work. You wouldnt believe the clowns who I received replies from. Most couldnt string two words together or had no communication
  3. Im a Kiwi and paid $130 for a piece of paper that says I am Aussie white trailer trash....
  4. We should start a business hiring out gay guys to wives. They could all sit around bitching about their respective husbands. I see a dollar to be made here! http://www.collegehumor.com/e/6846855
  5. I know this is not Carbon Tax related but today while eating my "Subway" lunch, I was thinking how I had just been ripped off! For those who have been to a Subway eating joint you would know you can have a great choice of salad items added all for the one cost. Today I thought some beetroot would be nice so asked for that and was told it would be an additional charge. Now they didnt give me a discount for the cucumber, jalapenos, tomato, onion and what ever else was in the selection I DIDNT have but still charged me for a few slices of beetroot. Making a two breadroll and two drink lunch, the
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