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President Donald Trump State visit to the UK on June 3rd.

Phil Perry

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I might be in Londonistan on the 3rd, not sure yet, depends upon the client. Mind you, Mr Trump will NOT be parading along the Mall in a golden coach with Her Maj, as the security risk is too high. This was pointed out when President Obama had his state visit and his secret service detail refused point blank to have their President ride in an 18th Century Horse drawn vehicle made from Leather and wood along a road filled with potential loonies amongst the crowds on both sides of the road.


No, that won't happen this time either, especially when Obama was very welcome and Trump ( allegedly ) isn't. They will have some fancy scran at Buck House, and then the Pres will stay at the Ambassador's residence, as Buck House is undergoing massive redevelopment and most of it is under dustsheets. . .Mind you, the Ambassador has a HUGE house, gotta be a few spare rooms in there. . .There are some protests already planned ( via Soshul Meeja) by the usual ratbags, Antifa, Hate not Hope, Muslim Brotherhood etc. . .who protest about absolutely everything. . .but I guess the Metro Plod will keep them kettled away safely. Hopefully, Trump won't break with royal protocol, and put his arm around HMQ, as did Obama which caused several royal footmen, pages and other accolytes to faint with a fit of the vapors . .


Trump has said he'd like to meet up with his Buddy Nigel Farage while he is in the UK, something which terrifies the Glitterati in Government circles, which is probably why he's doing it. Dunno if he'll sit next to Theresa May at the Royal Dinner, as she Knows that He knows about her complicity in the Steele dossier dnd her tacit support of the Brit security services in spying on him during his election campaign. . . I shall order a big tub of popcorn for when this unfolds. . .. . it should be a Rort. I am no lover of DT, but I DESPISE the British Government with every fibre of my being.


Happy Dayz. . .



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