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Vic police dawn raids into labor workers homes


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Labor whistleblower claims he was strip-searched as police make 'rorts for votes' arrests


Seems that in Victoria, if you control the Government, you can hit out at your opposition with the executive arm of government.


Our system of government is organised into three arms and these are known as:


  • (1) The legislative arm. This is the law making section of government, called the Parliament, and the people elect its members.
  • (2) The executive arm.This is the law administering (carrying-out) section of government, called the Executive, and its members are drawn from the members of parliament whose party has the majority of seats in the Legislative Assembly. This arm is accountable to the Parliament, and therefore the people, for its actions.
  • (3) The judicial arm.



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A police officer I know well was told to take part in a raid and arrest... " Not necessary, he said " I'll ring her up and ask her to come in" which was what happened.


As a rule though, individual police would not have discretion if ordered to do raids.



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  1. Well known people (in trade union circles);
  2. Not investigating crimes of violence where armed resistance would be expected;
  3. None of the arrested would allow an interview in the absence of a legal representative.


These factors can only lead to the conclusion that the "arrests at dawn" were part of a politically inspired propaganda plan to further tarnish the image of trade unions in the eyes of a gullible Public.



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