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A bit of a trip around the USA

Phil Perry

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My mate Keith's Brother in law won a good wedge in a Lottery syndicate a few months ago, and was pleasantly surprised when he and his Wife were 'gifted' a nice wedge, with the caveat that he HAD to spend some of it on a decent vacation. ( The bugger never goes anywhere much. . .) He decided to hire an RV and drive around the USA for a couple of months.


On one particuar part of the tour ( Which He and Missis were enjoying immensely ) they happened upon New Hampshire. . . .and sent me a few emails about the place. He told me, prior departure; that he was somewhat concerned about crime, and the risk of being mugged. . .from things that he had read about the States. . . in my own inimicable way, I just told him to call every Male person he ever met SIR,. . .and every copper 'Officer'. . .and to keep his hands on the steering wheel and don't suddenly reach into the glove box for your licence and registration documents if you get pulled by a Highway Cop. . .. Like my DAD did a few years ago, and nearly got himself shot. . .( ! )


He sent me the following pics of a hardware store, which he called into to buy a fuse for the cigarette lighter circuit in his hired Dodge RV. It was after 5 PM and the store was closed and locked. These are the pictures of it, in a town called Wakefield, in New Hampshire.






He was Gobsmacked that all this merchandise was left outside all night on a main highway through the town. . . .


He was later told that there was 'no crime' around here.




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