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Round 6 Wrap up and Round 7 preview


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Apols for the typos - done quick and have to go to... well, too much info!


May as well do a quick wrap of round 6 now…


Bulldogs managed to notch a win up against – Carlton, giving Carlton it’s worst start in its history, with zero wins from 6. I think I have written I would be nervous if I was Bolton now. I know the press are reporting he has the full support of the board and no doubt, publicly he does. Privately, I can’t help but think the some of the board are getting a little impatient. Neither club will feature in September, so it’s all academic.


Upset 1 coming up – Sydney atoned for their dismal performance the week before and beat the cats at the Cattery. Whoa – OK – Selwood # 2 (a very handy player) was out, but so was Buddy Franklin for Sydney. Basically, Sydney took a leaf from Adelaide’s book from last week (where the wreaked havoc on Sydney – and – well – it worked.


Port Adelaide returned to form to down North Melbourne by some 30 odd points. Will there never been consistency in this season? (in other words, I didn’t get the time to catch any of the game, it didn’t hit the lanceometer, so I just threw a few words together).


Same for the next game – low scoring affair – Giants coming away with the point against the Lions. Though, they should have smashed the lions by more than the 34 points – have they gone past their peak? We’ll find out later..


In one of the worst games of footy I have seen, the Saints were downed in Launceston in a game they really should have won. Apparently, at least for the first quarter, the weather was perfect for footy – not a breath of wind, the dew hadn’t hit and, well, if you had the ball 30 metres out, directly in front of the big sticks, it should have been a fait accompli. However, since they rigby style side-kck for goal has crept in (a complete travesty of the game), player’s can’t kick straight. I think St. Kilda were something like 2 goals 7 points from some very kickable shots at goal which they shanked. Hawks were not too much better, but had a few more goals and a couple of less point on the board. This hit the moral of the saints and they dropped away in the first and let the Hawks run all over them. Although in the next three quarters, it is fair to say the saints won the competition, but just couldn’t he score on the board. Clarko saif the ball became waterlogged with the dew, which it did, but seriously, the saints still won the comp. If they could kick straight, they would have won the game. I heard on triple M that the saints got Dixon from Port Adeliade to coach their players in goal kicking during pre-season – yeah right – a competing player is going to couch your team correctly. Money for nothing, I say.


Adelaide crows, at home, made mincemeat out of the suns, beating them by 48 points. Don’t need to elaborate – their loss to St Kilda tells me if a finalist doesn’t beat a poorly team (or comes close to losing), then they are going to hit back the next week with a vengeance.


Melbourne aren’t travelling well.. but b-jeebus, they are doing better than what should be equal competition in Essendon. Gawn copped a spray from a feral Essendon supporter and handled it with aplomb (I think scoring a goal as well). To the Essendon supporter’s credit, he issued a public apology acknowledging it was not exactly the bastion of conduct most Aussie rules fans hold themselves accountable to (which admittedly, is higher than soccer fans, but not that much higher). All part of what makes the game great, I say.Oh.. in case you’re wondering, Melbourne won; but no difference to the September (and now October) race.


Richmond asserted their authority over the gane again – their relentless pressure all over the ground and their ability to stand tall in the marking contests winning out. It is funny, but at work, by a select group of people, I am called Rance… and they have no idea about Aussie rules (those who know where I work will get it) – but I am very flattered, although I think my hairline is better than Rance’s. Anyway, one person here will be very happy - double whammy – team he despises the most copped a schlacking; team he supports won… Maybe two of the addressees fit inthat category (although Peter McKenna was a star.. cheauffer driver, too).


Last but not least, West Coast are the quiet achievers beating the Dockers in a local derb in their home ground. Ross Glendening medal safe even without a sponsor (or did they find a last minute one).


I’ll to the controversies tomorrow…


But, picks for round 7


(would have picked) Geelong (too many out for the giants)


Doggies and Suns – tough call – At home the dogs but haven’t checked the team sheets (for any game)


Dons v Hawks – they are predicting Essendon will lift for possibly the biggest rivals in the league. The game will be brutal and violent, but the Hawks should take it.


Eagles and Port Adelaide – Home ground advantage will suit the Eagles who are flying high.


Swans and North in Sydney – not as clear cut as I think. But with the best list in the league, even with Buddy still out, Sydney should take a nail biter.


Adelaide and Carlton – Carlton have suffered a couple of injuries (Curow is one – can’t recall the other) though Kruzener is back. Cannot see Carlton winning – this year. Though if you want to go for an upset, Adelaide may take this one a little too lazily. To be clear, Adelaide to win.


Tiges v Dockers at the MCG.. Well, it’sthe Dockers in Melbourne.. Tigers.


Saints v Melbourne – two lowly teams in the hardest to pick. Without knowing the teams, tough call. Melbourne.


Lions and Maggies – My upset of the round – Hodge will single-handedly win the game for the Lions.


I am now up to date


No Wolfie!



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