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2018 AFL Rounds 2, 3 and 4 (Installment 1)


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Thanks Mr Peck for the kind words and added wisdom - Doggies defo have to learn to keep out of nightclubs..


Despite best plans, with the inlaws (both parents in law and siblings in law), new role, `beers after work, children, house selling, sheep, paperwork and busted router over the weekend disturbing my important footy time, only managed a paltry few measley minutes of the best game to grace this earth since the old Roman Gladiators...


So as not to unleash a torrent of abuse on your brain-cells, likely to render you certified at one of those institutions with padded play-cells, I'll have to be quick. I work in Chronological order by round..


Round 2:


The 2017 Grand Final replay saw Adelaide take on Richmond, the difference to the GF being it was played at Adelaide oval rather than the MCG. Well, it wasn't to be the Tigers day as they took a 6 goal berating by the bleating crows (let's not forget who actually won the GF). Both sides had their injury woes going into the game, though Sloane took a knock and Matt Crouch had to come off for the Crows, arguably further depleted than the tigers. It was a fast fought game (or at leat 1st quarter as that is all I got to see). For the Tiges, Cotchin and Townsend were pretty good; Rance had an off day and Reiwoldt may has well been singing the the killers again - his game was pretty dead. For the Crows, I can't bloomin remember who was good and can't be bothered looking it up.


North Melbourne easily accounted for what is turning out to be the dire story of the year - the Saints. Although North is showing some form, is it a repeat of 2016 and will the die a slow, horrible line of defeats when coming up against real teams? Not much to think about in this game. Moving right along...


At home, Carlton's blues continue as they were comfortably accounted for by the Gold Coast Suns, who have shown they can play footy without the silky Gazza Ablett. Tom Lynch took a bag of goals - was it 7 or 8? Whatever, he was starting to lose count. Carlton looked hapless and losing Kruezner was a big blow for them. At this stage, the board must be contemplating Bolton's tenure.. Worse is to come...


At the other end of the ladder, Collingwood fought gallantly against Greater Western Sydney (who at the time, seemed to want to drop that moniker for the more fancied name of the Giants). Collingwood were a much improved unit with Treloar getting almost as effective with the ball as aggression and intensity he consistently puts on. Lachie Whitefield and the rest of the Giants (can't call em GWS anymore) ended up too good on the day and ran out winners by 16 points.


Melbourne beat the Lions by 20-something points; both are canon fodder this year - so let's not waste electrons or neurons.


Fremantle just about bowled over the whole AFL fraternity by winning - and beating the much improved (or touted as much improved) Essendon, also by 16 points. I am still too shocked to watch it.


The doggies were obviously on the hair of the dog, as they were annihilated by West Coast by some 5 points at their home ground. I didn't see it.. and it doesn't warrant wasting any more time on.


Port Adelaide had laid down the season 2018 gauntlet by upsetting their hosts, Sydney, by 23 points; just 1 shy of 4 goals.


Early in the first quarter, Sydney took the ascendancy and while it is fair to say, they never kicked away, they looked the goods until mid-way through the third quarter, where Dixon spearheaded his team's resurrection at the ball and Sydney seemed to falter at every turn. With Buddy only kicking four for the day, you know it's going to be a scoreboard issue for Sydney and Port seemed deserved winners.


The final game was a cracker - Old foes Geelong hosted Hawthorn at the MCG and it was a bewdy! The Hawks exposed the cats defence and while the holy trinity of Dangerfield, Selwood and Ablett were very good, they alone couldn't get great effectiveness of the ball.It will only be a matter of time though (assuming Ablett can stay injury free). Mitchell was in fine form for the Hawks but this time last year they were calling his contribution into question, despite constant 40+ touches. Back to the game - what a thriller. The Hawks did have the ascendacy through the game, however, couldn't convert that to hard scoring shots. On the other hand, Geelong made the ,most of the fewer opportunities they had, with Menzel, the out of flavour forward slotting four of the cats best. Another few seconds and the game was the cats. Supporters - don't be despondent, the season has a way to go yet... And they are in the mix.


Well, it's late, so let's call this instalment 1 and I'll try to get instalment 2 out tomorrow...



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