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Educational Fraud. An Expose by the BBC

Phil Perry

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This is interesting, and has been alluded to for a few years i this country,, so the BBC 'Panorama' programme sent in an Undercover 'Student'. .


( SEE ?. . .I don't HATE Everything that the BBC does. . . .)


* * * * * *


An excerpt from the BBC website about their Student loan fraud expose and surprise surprise look who's committing the fraud:-


On the strength of the certificate, Panorama's undercover student was accepted on to the course, for which Grafton College charges £6,000 a year. Within days they received the first £3,600 instalment of their student loan money. Imran Sheikh, who was at the college on the undercover student's induction day, told them they would barely need to attend their course. ( ? )


"Come at around 10.00, take two hours off from your job, mark your attendance, tick mark your name, leave after two hours," he said. "You just sit like a dummy and keep nodding along. When the college gives you assignments, you don't have to do them. These go directly to our agent in Pakistan. He gets people to do them."




If this is true,. . .it is Bloody Incredible and somebody needs to go to Jail. . .I'll bet that noone does. . .



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There is no mechanism in Australia to make universities honest or consistent. We badly need a public examinations authority to take control. In the meantime, there are people getting Phd's for grade 7 stuff.


So the poms are not alone.


I hasten to say that there are places where standards are still kept up. Alas there is no policing going on so the lecturers in these places are under pressure to lower standards.



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