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Trade Period 2017 Shock


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Associated Footy Press 13 Oct. 17 – The AFL Trade period is in turmoil after the shock announcement a play is being made to lure Jack Reiwoldt from the Tiger’s den. The versatile Reiwoldt impressed other playing groups with his adept performance in the grand final, showing he can play a forward as good as the best in the business. “It was a spectacular performance, full of passion, enthusiasm and pizazz, which drew a raucous response from the crowds” said Robert Reynolds, current list manager of the Killers. “He showed up our current front man as a little lacklustre and, quite frankly, a little girlie; we see Jack bringing some balance and character, as well as a little more brawn and strength to our front line.”


Richmond coach Dimma Hardwick was disappointed with the Killer’s first round draft pick offer – an ex ballerina backing vocalist named Darlene. “That sheila can certainly jump and kick, no probs about that”, he commented, “but, she goes for the wrong balls as she only takes class B drugs”.


Reiwoldt is understood to have said, “Well, with Dusty around for a while, I am out of contention for the Brownlow, so may as well go for an ARIA instead. Plus, it ensures I’ll be performing at many more GFs to come.”



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