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What's going on recently with a lot of web pages?

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Now it is even happening here.


When I re-load a page I am "waiting, waiting, waiting"


The little message bottom left of the screen:


waiting: connect.facebook.net


This is happening on a lot of pages I go to and it seems to "stall" the page loading.


I'm using FF (not the latest version) and am NOT in/on/interested in facebook.



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Guest ozzie

I use wireless here and as soon as the school bus goes past and the kids get off it drops to snail pace untill about 9.30.


all those i phones and i pads they were given at xmas



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Many sites now use features that integrate with Facebook so every time a page loads that requires a connection to Facebook for this integration, it is at the mercy of the Facebook servers and the speed/connection to them.


Facebook servers have recently been big problems for site owners to the point that I have recently been seeing more and more threads in technology forums asking the question of whether Facebook etc integration really is worth it


Note, this is the same with Twitter and Google +1...they are all sweeping the world up into their control



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I was having a speed problem and was referred to Spyhunter.com which cleans those hard to remove spy files which take over your browser. Normal virus checkers can't reach them, and even a clean using DOS doesn't seem to work. Bought a copy and it cleaned out about 30, and the speed increased.


My main computer had been out for a card repair and when I got it back I noticed it was nowhere near as fast as the one I'd just cleaned. Put Spyhunter on to it and it found 1200 of these paratite programs which keep redirecting your searches to where theior customers get best exposure while you sit there and wait.



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