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Technical Drawing


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I wish to draw up a framework to mount on a trailer so that the welder can see what I am after.


In the old days I would have gone with pencil and paper.


Is there a simple free app out there to draw a basic 3 view drawing?



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For a simple design such as you require, any half decent welder will be able to interpret a sketch plan. Just be sure that the dimensions are marked clearly.


Although it's nice to learn how to use a CAD program, trying to produce what you need in this case will only prolong the build time.





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OME That was the decision I came up with whilst watching the footy last night.


I drew it up on a piece of A4 paper scanned it and emailed it to him.


His response this morning came with a quote and the estimated weight of the metal work.


So all done thank you.



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