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Season 2017


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G'Day All,


I live in the UK now (and have for c. 20 years), and there is one thing that I have missed almost as much as YMMB/YCEM and that is AFL..


Well, season 2017 is in full swing now, and it looks like a good one. The Dons are back, presumably rehabilitated/cold-turkeyed from their drug antics of past. Adelaide is looking like the powerhouse this year, though Geelong (aka Selwood and Dangerfield) will take some beating. Melbourne have shown some promise (though I see today, they fell to a Dangerfield snap that paved the way for the cats to take the ascendency in that game.


WCE looked the goods for the first two games, but the MCG voodoo reared its ugly head again and they were beaten by a resurrected Richmond (whom my wife supports, if it can in anyway be described as support - as we met in Richmond, London - a very different 'burb to its Melbourne namesake).


Doth my ears deceive me? Freo beat Western Bulldogs (always be known as Footscray to me - I was born at Footscray Hospital). Carlton seem perennially a demersal feeder these days...


Of course, there's the controversial side of it, too... McGuire (and his Caroline Chisholm comment spring to mind), drugs, off-field antics (aka more drugs, booze and sex), and the rest of it - at the end of the day, these are mainly relatively insulated youg blokes full of testosterone thrust into the limelight and treated as gods - something's gonna go wrong. However, the game is the greatest spectacle code of football on earth (I have played it, soccer and union) and it has cost me less than an hour of flying time to be able to watch every game of the season (not that I am quite that sad, yet!)


Bring it on!



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