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Sovereign Citizens (aka "Freeman of the Land")


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Just spent a few boring hours in a slip port discovering amazing videos of the sovereign citizen movement. These are members of a growing cult particularly prevalent in the USA but also with small offshoots here in Australia and also in the UK (true, Phil Perry, about the 20 minute mark in the 2nd video one of your very own is trying it on with a Magistrate in Court and refusing to go into the dock, then later shows off her smashed car window because she refused to cooperate with police and identify herself after being pulled over!). They believe that Federal and State laws do not apply to them, especially road rules but pretty much everything. They also believe they don't have to pay tax, fines, and that all Courts are basically invalid.


I didn't realise we had so many people this deluded living in society. 200,000 in the USA alone they say.


It reminded me of the arguments which were used in the rambling submission to the High Court by our delightful Senator Rod Culleton from WA (I'll refrain from stating his political party) who has some problems of his own it seems.







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Its not really the same thing. These sovereign citizens actually argue that they don't exist as a named person, but rather that their name is assigned under a contract they object to. They also argue that "travelling" in your car by virtue of operating the steering wheel and controls is not the same as "driving" it.



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