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Phil Perry

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Hereunder is a contra - narrative to what we have been fed 24/7 by the UK Mainstream Media, who, as early as this morning, were asking for RAF airstrikes in the region, to save all these people from a fate worse than death NOW - you can believe this, or believe it not as you wish. . . We already Know that the 'White Helmets' so called volunteer rescue services in Syria have been funded to the tune of millions of dollars and at least £65 Million by the British Government. They are nothing but a branch of Al Quaeda terrorists who have been filmed 'beheading' a 12 year old kid, whom they said was a 'Spy'. OK, that's MY OWN considered take out of the way, but it goes a lot deeper than that. . . .


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Here's the sort of news our UK media and politicians don't want to hear, or to let us hear.


'Aleppo has been liberated after almost four years of a barbarous and cruel occupation by the so-called Syrian opposition. The people of Aleppo are celebrating the fact, no longer will they be subjected to the most brutal, murderous regime imaginable. What really made Aleppo such a hellhole was not the privations of being a city under siege, nor was it the cruelty and barbarism of the occupying forces – it was the fact that no-one outside Syria was lifting a single finger to help them, they received no aid, no foreign volunteers came to provide medical help, no foreign government did a single thing to alleviate their suffering.


However, the MSM told a very different tale, night after night, the TV news was full of tales of brave aid workers, courageous doctors and all manner of volunteers who were trying to save the people of Aleppo. They kept telling us that aid convoys were flowing into the city to keep the people from starvation and that ambulances were ferrying the wounded to hospitals in Turkey.


All of it was lies, an inversion of reality; the aid convoys were, in reality, supplying the occupying forces with arms and munitions as well as food and other essentials. The ambulances were also bringing in arms and supplies, the wounded they carried out to be treated in Turkish hospitals were not innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, they were ‘rebel’ fighters injured whilst fighting against the legitimate Syrian armed forces and their allies.'


Check the link, and make up your own mind.





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