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I just have to SHOUT IT OUT LOUD!!! The Monster Tour- KISS, MOTLEY CRUE, and THIN LIZZY are playing in Mackay... Virgin Stadium is across the Road. Going to be one hell of a night even if I don't have a ticket!!!


So bloody excited... have this secret KISS addiction. The biggest Rock Show in the WORLD!!! WOW!!!





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All these old band now having to tour to make up for the loss of record sales, who says piracy is bad?

The record companies did very well out of it... Piracy is mostly bad for them. The internet has changed the way we interact with Music... the record companies just have to adjust their thinking IMO.



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Virgin Australia Stadium seats 12 000 people... If we work of an average of $120 per ticket... KISS will do quite nicely out of record sales... without them they wouldn't be able to fill stadiums... They only have to spend a couple of months a year touring and they would top up the coffers by a couple of millions...



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