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Does anyone else have a music vid which triggers memories ?

Phil Perry

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This particular song was playing on the car radio as I drove away from a care home where my Dad had died around a couple of hours before. . . if I hear it, I have to stop the vehicle as it makes me want to weep all over again.


Walter Henry Perry wasn't a 'Touchy - feely' sort of bloke, He was very strong willed and matter of fact, and I regret to the bottom of my heart that I never once told him that I loved him. Even when My new Wife and I were saying bye bye at the docks on Southampton, prior to embarkation for Australia. . .I tried to give him a hug, but he said, NOW NOW. . .none of that silly stuff lad. . .You go out there and do yer best !


He never changed. . . .after providing a wonderful upbringing for his five children, and I never ever heard him complain,. .. nor ever heard a bad word ever said about him from any of his 200+ employees, relatives and associates. . .



I wonder if any of you 'Hard Men' hear a tune which triggers memories. . . .





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