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Phil Perry

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"When it's spring again,. . .I'll sing again. . . NEW LOOS FOR AMSTERDAM. . ."


If you have ever vacationed in Holland, and been to the capital city, you may have noticed a pong in the air around the favourite night spots and bars


Here's what they've started building to stop the drunks going up all the side alleyways to relieve themselves . . .


Clever Idea, but you've probably already got these, Australia being a forward, progressive and dynamic place. . .




Be a bit of a shock for any drunks lying on the ground when one popped up though ?



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I think I recall reading about one of those in Perth? But I could be wrong.

As you can see, these toilets are "Open Plan" rather like the traditional urban urinals in most French towns. . .ie, just a 4M diameter circular galv iron structure around 150 Cm high, with a trough around the inside, and a gap to walk in. . .very sociable they are, as you can chat to passers by while you de-fuel. . . .very pragmatic lot the froggies. . . . no delineation between genders with other French toilets in bars / restaurants . . .doesn't appear to bother the ladies either.



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