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The Last Plane out of Berlin - Some corrections.

old man emu

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Sydney Cotton was an Australian who did a lot to initiate the work of the RAF's Photo Reconnaissance Unit early in WWII. He started that work before the start of the war when engaged by MI6 (?) to take aerial photographs over Germany. He was able to get away with this under the noses of the Germans because he was involved in the sale of an early brand of colour film, which was basically a consumer product. 


Despite his contribution to the British war effort, he was a bit of a rogue and scoundrel. And being an Aussie he was not averse to spinning a good yarn. This video explains how he managed to do the spy work, and at the same time debunks some of his yarns by comparing the "facts" of the yarn to the physical properties of his aircraft. Obviously, the Australian disrespect for kowtowing to superiors was the reason he got the boot from the PRU, but he started the ball rolling.


After the war, he was engaged in what might be euphemistically called "war surplus disposal". Now we call it gun running. His story is told in this book: image.png.4b172212fa042c2cd13e0135c9664cb5.png




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