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anyone else a fan of Moto GP,


been really enjoying the last few rounds.

amazing racing with the last lap changes to the finishing positions.

plus the championship in all 3 classes possibly going down to the last round.

especially the knife fighting monkeys in moto3

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I first got a motorcycle learners permit at 27 years old (at the old Laverton RAAF base, with a mob called Stay Upright). But I didn't really progress with it. At aged 42 over here I got my motorcycle license. Over here, if you have hjad an untarnisdhed fiull drivers licence continously for the last 5 years, you can take what is called the direct access route.


You have to do your CBT (Compulsory Basic Training, which is the equivalent of a motor cycle learners permit) and then train on, and take the test on a motorbike no less than 50hp. On passing it, you have an unrestricted motorcycle licence. My first bike was a Honda CG 150, which I used while I had my CBT. I figured let me get used to riding a motorbike in traffic first, before going for the big one. I had it about 9 months before doing my direct access couurse, which could be taken as a 5 day course, or 3 x weekends. I took the latter, and did pass. It woould be a further three or so months before I replaced the CG150, but I did take it on motorways (noit allowed for learners), where it was surreal being passed by normally slower vehicles, like trucks and the like.


My first big bike was a VFR750, but it had too much wrong with it, so I sold it, disclosing all tgat was wrong with it. I was surprised at the interest it generated. I then settled on a Kwak ER6f, which was 20 years younger (brand new), but nowhere near as good.


Before I learned to ride motorbikes, I found the Moto GP boring, and I don't really follow ut per se, but since learning to ride a bike and ldoing so through London and the UK, I absolutely love watching it now as I really get the skills and nuances of riding bikes.


I like it better than F1 too as it seems a far more open field that can be greats (Well, Rossi, and Doohan excepted).

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