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Get out your Jepps and WACs

old man emu

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Can I get some help from you?


You know that we are arranging a big Do at Tooraweenah in November. I'd like to run a different type of even in April/May that would be for air crew. What I envisage is something like those car club observation rallies we used to go on in simpler times. The idea is that aircrew (pilot & navigator) are tasked to fly a circular route, starting and ending at Tooraweenah and passing over (or landing if necessary) at the locations marked on this map.



Crews would have to submit a flight plan and points would be allocated according to how many minutes they were off in their ETA at Tooraweenah at the end of the flight. Crews would also have to take a picture of each location with time stamping, and there could be things to look for enroute to report. The flight could be done is any direction and in any order to allow crews to make the most of wind assistance.


I know that participants would be using aircraft with different performance envelopes, so I initially need to get some idea of how long the round trip would take in still air for the type of aircraft you fly. There will be no restrictions on types as the idea is to see how well crews can flight plan and execute it to schedule. The idea is that the competition would start about 10:00am to be finished by mid-afternoon as crews would need to wash and change for the dinner that evening.


In order to get as wider database as possible, I'd invite those of you not living in Godzone to submit a reply. If you don't have the WAC chart to go off, simply use the distance measuring tool of Google Maps to get distances. At this stage, close enough is good enough.



Arthur Butler Aviation Museum Committee.

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