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Please help Seth's Poppy

old man emu

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Have you been collecting those Disney/Pixar domino pieces from Woolworths? Well the promotion has come to an end and I'm short a few for my grandson's set. If you have any of the following, and you are missing the ones from my second list, would you care to trade?


I'm after:


No 2 - Woody; No 4 - Alien; No 11 - Dory; No 15 - Randall; No 20 - Violet; No 21 - Dash; No 22 - Edna;


No 26 - Princess Dot; No 28 - Linguini; No 30 - Carl; No 33 - Eve, No 38 - Mater, and NO 41 - Fillmore.


I have to swap:


No 3 - Jessie (x2); No 14 - Sully; No 16 - Boo; No 17 - Mike; No 18 - Mr Incredible (x2);


No 19 - Mrs Incredible (x2); No 24 - Heimlich; No 34 - Wall E; No 36 - Merida (x2);


No 37 - Lightning MacQueen (x2), and No 43 - Frosty.


I know there is another box of these things floating around the house, but can't find it at the moment. If I do, I'll list those, too.


Old Man Emu



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