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The inventor of Post-It Notes died this month


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Here's an interesting bio on a bloke most people would never have heard of - Spencer Silver - but they probably would've used his invention,  many hundreds of times over the years.


A few interesting facts - Spencer Silver invented the removeable glue that holds Post-It Notes in place, when he was working for 3M, and  trying to develop a high-strength aircraft adhesive.

But he couldn't figure out a use for it, until he collaborated with a work associate, and the associate devised the Post-It Note. But even then, 3M struggled to sell them - until they handed out the Post-It Note pads for free to many offices in Boise, Idaho.

Once people took them and used them, everyone else saw them and wanted them, and demand soared.


Another interesting facet of Spencer Silvers life, is that he lived for 27 yrs after a heart transplant, finally dying at 80 from heart tachycardia.




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