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Idiots behind the wheel of big trucks


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This video, provided by some local coppers via dash cam in their patrol car, shows the continuing decline in the driving abilities of too many of todays truckies. 


I can't believe the cops fairly tame response to a narrow escape from death, in what amounts to nothing less than dangerous or careless driving - and the farmers burning off by the roadside, with no signage or flashing lights, need a boot up the backside, too!


https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/williams-police-dash-cam-footage-shows-truck-crash-into-another-on-albany-highway-ng-b881860546z  (best viewed full screen)


Way back in Nov. 1967, we had a farming neighbour killed in an identical type of accident. Ernie White was burning off along one of his fencelines, that adjoined a major road.

He'd parked his 50's Ford 5 ton trayback truck, half on the bitumen and half on the gravel shoulder, and was about to play some water on the fire. He was totally covered in drifting smoke.

The local fuel agent in an 8 ton forward-control ACCO Inter truck, came barrelling down the highway, through the smoke at 80kmh, and ran straight into the back of Ernie's truck, killing him.

It was only good luck the fuel agent survived, he only hit the RH half of Ernies truck tray. Portions of Ernies truck tray drove straight through the cabin of the fuel agents truck - but they went down the passenger side of the engine and cabin, and missed the fuel agent completely.



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