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The GMH "Pointer" sales magazines


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I was quite intrigued to see this set of GMH "Pointer" magazines for sale locally, on Gumtree - and rather highly priced, too! 


I have previously never even heard of, or seen a copy of this magazine, until today. But that would have been because it was Dealer sales magazine, and was rarely seen by the public.


So then I started to do a little research, and found that a very large number of copies of the magazine had been scanned and uploaded to the Holden Retirees Club website.


It's a fascinating view into the past to see the information and photos in the magazines, and to see the cars I grew up with, and bought and used.


The magazine was produced monthly from 1934 to the mid-1980'd, and is obviously rare to find today. I wish the seller good luck with his sale, but I think he might be waiting a while to get his price.





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