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New section added: Books


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I have added a new section to the site called Books. Just like the Movies/TV section you can add all your favourite books into the site and get comments, start discussions etc about the book with other site users.


PLUS if you use the 10 digit ISBN code from Amazon and a user buys a copy of the book using the "Buy this book" link displayed with the listing, the site gets a small commission to help with the site costs.


It is so easy to add a book, all you need is the ISBN number. You can get this from Amazon or Google books.

1. Click the Submit A New Book button

2. Select the genre

3. Enter the ISBN number...all the details of the book should then show up once you move out of the ISBN field

4. If all the automatically fields are filled out correctly, simply click the Submit button

That's all


You can also create your own Bookshelf


Enjoy and as always, the site is only as good as what YOU populate it with, the more you add things to the site, the more comments and discussions follow so please help to populate the site as much as you can...thanks


Screenshot2.png Screenshot6.png Screenshot7.png Capturar3.PNG

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