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Can someone help me track this music?

flying dog

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from wikipedia


The current theme tune for the series is called "Match of the Day" and was written especially for the programme in 1970 by Barry Stoller, and has become so ubiquitous in British culture that it is associated not just with the programme but football in general. It is often incorrectly labelled with the title "Offside", which was actually the name of an alternative commercially-released version in 1970, which was conducted by Mike Vickers.[2] In May 2010, PRS for Music revealed that theMatch of the Day theme tune is the most recognisable in the UK.[13]



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I shoulda looked at wiki, but didn't.


Sound Hound said it was "Match of the day" but it was by a group..... who's name I forget and searching youtube for them didn't work.


It *IMPLIES* that a group wrote it and I was looking to see what else they wrote but to no avail.


And typically this time when I do it, it gives another group name who released it.



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I'm not wanting to sound like I don't agree with the posts about "who wrote it" and all that.


But here's a thing which had me stuck for YEARS.


Ok: Listen to that music - "Match of the day".


Then listen to this:



1 Minute 10 seconds in.


Does it sound...... similar?



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